Friday, October 17, 2008

Camp Health Fest 5k -- not really getting to speed

The annual Camp HF 5k event was due today. A beautiful day, little on the cool side, but just right for any endurance outdoor sports -- may exclude water fun sports.

He started out w T, they hit the 1mi mark very close together, but Py was feeling terrible until that point, at 5'34" -- not bad. From there Py some how had a huge gap behind and a slowly growing gap to T in front and he kept moving at a little more comfy pace, just did not worked out to hang on closer, even he was not breezing hard or was in any pain, just did not worked. But he kept feeling OK from now -- what so ever this ment. He kept T in sight all the time until finish, but that's it.

Here a few photos Py took all over the place before and after his run and one of him at the finish from J - thx.

Actually -- as strange as it may sound -- Py was not exhausted at all or close to his HR limit (even he did not wear any HR meter today, but he knows good enough), either had he any pain at the finish.... and could have gone much longer, just little slower. Only issue, Py could not move any faster o-)

But no complains about 18'55" for the little running effort he put in only recently
-- just excuses:

He guesses it's because
a) he is not used or trained to run short and fast at all,
he only did a very few 10k's...
about 4 or 5, one per week, last month.

... and also
b) he put in over 600mi/month on my bike over the past year(s)....
and well, and
c) he be leaves his HR kept down (where ever), as he was not yet fully recovered from TOREC.

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