Sunday, October 05, 2008

Unlucky Birds

6 Early Birds.

Py was best prepared and got up at 5:45 and noticed around 6:30 that it some how unexpectedly was wet and little rainy, the radar looked like this that time:

Hmmm, not much and probably gone at ride start time, but wet and a little more was approaching, slight chance that it misses the East End. Undecided he was wondering around. He just cleaned up his bike from last weeks mess, sand and road grime and put on all new cassette and chain what was already kind of overdue. The middle sprokets of the old one looked pretty worn comparing with the new one, close to half width some of the most used teeth o-( Uooops.

Well, did it matter? --, it will get wet either weay some day soon, is is that season.

He loaded the bike in the car -- he did not do that for a long time, as he rode to the start for this ride all summer, but now it's too dark! However, let's see who is showing up and if no-go, he could still just get his grocery shopping done out there.

As he got there not much was going on, three riders arrived by car and little later two more rode in from close by -- looked like the critical group size was reached...

What a wet mess is waiting today....?

And they rode out the South Route, may be hopefully, the rain system still coming up passes by north... But this should not be the upcoming trouble for now. A comfortable good pace taking extra care at every turn, skipping some minor winding part of the route going strait to West Hampton and towards Dune Road.

Py was pulling for a while and just passing the green painted cheese grater like surface of this draw-bridge. He never liked that thing, more worried about the tires, not even thinking about the more worse case scenario. He noticed some talking in the back and all sudden two riders on the side walk part of the bridge, he was a bit ahead and a gap behind him and then opened, he did not saw what exactly happened, however one rider must have slid out on that obviously very slippery pained steel grate surface and one more behind this very unlucky bird some how tumbled over/around him. Not nice. Py wishes both unlucky birds the very best and to fully recover quickly.

The action of going on the side walk part was due to obvious earlier experiences of one rider... however Py did not noticed any trouble, but preventative did not made any steering moves, just like on ice and went over trouble free. Avoid or take extra care on wet paint and steel surfaces!

The bike unfriendly construction:

After staying there for a while, they decided to ride back from there -- now counting fife riders.
Py was getting chilly starting to ride again and pulled a very long part of the ride back to Manorville and got moving pretty well towards the end as some more rain was approaching.

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