Friday, October 10, 2008

Camp Health Fest Bike Day

The Camp Healthfest Activity of the day was the MTB race, uoops, ride. Py took his Stonie Cross (custom made my Stonebite) for a ride to the Camp today. He choose a specials route, see below... to make the day even more special -- Single Track ala carte (for LI). Little less used, lots of sticks, logs, branches and other wild stuff in or on the very narrow path, but no big deal for Py.

So this should be a Cross day.... To the Camp, "official" noon MTB ride -- no big deal -- just flying low on about 10mi of easy fast back roads.... -- and returning home.

Here a few picss of the ride back home only:

Winding narrow single track in the woods...

From Diverses
and some fast more wide run way...

From Diverses

But what is this cute bug? It just took a ride from some where in the woods on the Stonie downtube...

From Diverses

He put him in his backyard later, a better closeup of this funny looking thingy:

From Diverses

And here just the map:

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  1. Looks like you have free-loading saddleback caterpillar.

    Look out, he may be cute, but he is also a vicious stinging caterpillar. Still, much nicer than a tick!

  2. Good I was careful and did not touched it... looks more like an alien to me o-)