Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jim Thorpe & SGL Rock Gardens

This past weekend Py escaped from the Island and went for a road trip to Jim Thorpe, PA. A very scenic drive out west

to Jim Thorpe:

Arriving at JT unexpected crowds and a fully with cars saturated small but lovely set village at the Lehigh Gorge was found.

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As there was the annual foliage festival weekend and some special train rides going on.

But beyond the city limits is was quite.

Seen that, Py got out of that crowds to find and explore the State Game Lands just little past JT on 93.

1st day, Broad Mtn Loop in SGL. An easy MTB ride, little rolling rough double track,

a few sections of rocky single track,

leading to more and

more great vistas:

2nd day, Py wanted to find out about the legendary network of single track hidden in SGL.

some nice easy winding narrow single track, but the look may be missleading, it got more and more technical to the end

hidden unter a dense cover of leaves more and more rocks all over...

Almost like some one put them there to decorate a garden, but they were just every where spread out... good (cross) skills training.

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