Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Wicked? A almost normal day. A ride to the Camp. A good fairly quite morning. A 10+k Bluestone at lunch time with unknown distance detour around an Explosion site at the Camp on 5th en route of the regular run, so it was about 60' instead of 42'. More work got done until Py attended an too long meeting -- Py just planned to help out else where just shortly before and to grab an coffee on his way... but got stuck almost until dusk and needed to hurry to off site in time -- he really dislikes the road if dark, even he has light and is most likely safe and been seen may be even better than on day time -- but even the strongest head light will not unreveal all of the road hazards and just the imagination of an flat in the dark is as scary as this wicked site he came along tonight.....

From Long Island

...... and now he is tiered but still busy preparing his bike for the TOSREC 2008, baking bread, laundry, cooking, blogging and still some Camp user support via Email ........

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