Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early Birds flying South

Sunday morning, around 6am, pitch dark, quite, no wind, not too chilly at the North Shore, but look at this temperature distribution -- most likely the South Route was on schedule:

... Py was still debating if he should ride to the start or not. A very nice day was expected later, would be nice to make the best out of the day and enjoy the ride home -- but the later and later rising sun is getting an issue. However, getting ready by 6:30a and thinking about putting stuff in the car -- but it was too tempting, the sky high up already got a bit bright, looks like this would work once more -- he knew he can make it to the start in under 40mins, may be 35' + some thing. OK, the decision was made -- leave that damn car sitting there and put the shoes and covers on -- ready to roll at about 6:45a, enough light + tail blinky to be seen. Also there is very little traffic that time on Sundays -- what is nice. However, he has to get moving not to be late. No room for any delays -- and he put in some TT like 11.5 miles this early morning -- his efforts let forget about the more and more chilly air towards South -- and made it in just under 35 minutes -- this must be his record for this part of the ride. (Split 1)

At the parking lot a few riders were already preparing. Looks like a good group, a bunch of the faster birds. Moving out pretty well... just very little or no wind this early. Some grass looked just like it was on the edge to been frosted over o-) But the rising sun was feeling nice on the sun exposed spots. (Split 3) Approaching Dune road at warp speed and smoothly flying out there, basically no wind -- just there own efforts to cut the air. Py took his share with a few not too long pulls.

A few more splits today -- on Dune Road (Split 4) they averaged little over 40km/h (~25mph).

Quick reassembly after the bridge (Split 5, just over the bridge) proceeding to and flying over the little rolling section (Split 6, 7) arriving at the Seven Eleven. Finishing with some good fast move (Split 8) and some power bursts up this little short steep and full speed ahead back. A few seconds gap opened, but he manage to catch that up again... but some how on the edge, the extra morning efforts seam to be payed now.... part of the group was already further behind. However, just a few seconds behind together with Rick who got a slow flat on a bad road section (under that bridge) but just made it back with a soft back tire.

If Py got this right -- it took just 2 hours 15 minutes to finish the South route today!

Little chill'n with a Cappuccino at the Starbucks across the road -- before riding back home. He took it a bit easy and enjoyed the nice weather. Good decision to ride out early. Even North Country was a bit pain after that.......

Click for Split details

Full stats and South Route.

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