Saturday, October 17, 2009

RP2IPBP solo pull into strong North Eastern...

Same old, happily surprised by some nice sun shine this morning. So he went out to see who is coming for the ride today. Not so many, he was some what expecting more, as Sunday does not look so promising. He waited until 9:02a looked down the road -- no one else, just Dou&Py.
Steadily putting power into the drive train moving into that strong North Eastern almost all the way out.

The water level of the Sound was high and unusual rough it was.


Just started into the return -- how nice, some wind from behind -- Rick just turned into the Tanks as they went out... but he he eventually did not caught up on the fast return -- if he even tried, who knows.

A few view of Mill Rd in fall colors...



The old route...

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