Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This Wednesday was the 4th annual TOSREC.

In short: 7am Orient Pt to New London Ferry, start and end at New London, Ferry Dock. 180km (113mi) / 2250hm (GPS Edge 305), 1763hm (Garmin web based analysis after post processing)?!?!?.

Day of Ride Report:

Just a John, Kris, Nick, Kevin and Py showed up this year for the 2009 TOSREC challenge at the 7am Ferry to New London, Orient Point. A nice sun rise while take off.


And a smooth ride with second breakfast for Py on the boat, some pre ride route discussions -- looks like it will be a good one again, dry and clear sky -- only a bit chilly and not expecting much warmup at all for the whole day -- a warmer underlayer was good and not a bit too much at any time.


Rolling off the ferry at New London, efficiently and at steady good pace they left the City boundary in a snap, over the bridge and almost out they were...


Quick "tree" stop after the turn on 49/Ekonik Hill Rd (mile 28)... Water stop for a coffee and warmup at the Dunkin' in Canterbury (mile 42.5).


From here they entered the most enjyable and scenic part of the route as they turned into N Society Rd -- some very quite back country -- following the pre programmed GPS.


This was working great, with one exception, going North on Cherry Hill making a left on Old Kimball Rd -- this was supposed to turn int Windy Hill Rd very soon, but instead is was a dead end and all sudden entering private property and was chained up closed :-( However, having the detailed map of the area a alternative route around, continuing just a mile North on Cherry Hill to Wade Rd and crossing over on Kimball Hill now worked just fine.


Great scenery and also a nice little climb...


moving along one teh moste quite roads out there, smooth and colorful array of trees...


and flying down hill...


Entering 97 and following up back roads at Kenyon Rd and a nice climb on New Hill up to Station Rd. A little wondering where that so called "Air Line Rail Trail" was gone.. no sights of it even we should have been rigth on it now, so what, continuing on Station to Eastbrook to Section via James L Goodwin State Forest -- very nice and scening vistas down to Pine Acres Lake to the right -- did any one looked??? (I got a glimpse, but did not stopped)


And making the long way back South on Brook Rd. Quick water fill up stop at mile 80 (Jewett City) and heading back to the Ferry. Little funny look on a new traffic routing on 2 going to 214 and nice fun moving over the rollign 214 to 117. Returning to the ferry at 4p. Soem time for a snack and a slice of pizza in New London Down Town.


Actual TOSREC 2009 route by GPS.

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