Saturday, October 31, 2009

RP2IPBP - eight riders, sixteen legs working against the wind

This Saturday looked good the night before, to Py's surprise a bit moist roads from some drizzle in the air but warm and windy again. A good number of riders showed up this morning -- nice.


Starting out pushing over the few rollers, taking care around a few usually fast turns on small roads due to a good cover with all kind of leaves... Flying out East on Sound... was fun, just the few sections going South into strait head wind on Edwards was some work, good work Craig! Always good to have a few more strong riders. Also the strong Cross Winds on Youngs/Reeves were not too bad and fun, a slight tail wind component. Once more into the Wind on Doctors, then flying North Northville Turnpike and moving strong "over" the Tanks to IPBP.


Again, Rick managed to miss us at the start and join us at IPBP little later. Now counting eight, heading back into the Wind going West & South. Good share of work made the return fly by -- here a few views on Mill Rd of the pack:





Easy going from here, mostly tail wind... so a little bonus addition at WR Duck Pond taking the short hill loop before returning :-)

The RP2IPBP Route with a tiny addition.

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