Saturday, October 24, 2009

RP2IPBP - different colors + WWW

What is this Weather doing today? Rain in the morning, heavy rain/orange spots on the radar all over... Canceled Ride early, bit later while having breakfast on the patio outdoors -- it was nice and warm, just tropical. He decided to rehabilitate his ride with delayed start. However, may be on too short notice... no one else showed up.

Left RP around 11:30isch checking by at Tildas before heading off the usual route. Careful on NC and the WR hills -- a load of wet leaves and branches all over on the roads... plus a spray of sandy water... messy. A little rain set in with a few big drops shortly before hitting Sound -- taking a short break at a farm stand, got and great big red Apple as snack :-) Watching the dark clouds moving some where away NE and the rain stopped -- great...



Passing Boyscout Hill, heading South strait into some strong warm breeze from South, proceeding at the Flag South towards Mill Rd -- cutting short.

Flat shortly before reaching Mill Rd. Argrrr -- that's why he hates wet roads.


Finished up the ride.

Wet - Windy - Warm

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