Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ride in Red

Noon to sun set. Catching up on missed sleeping hours. Letting the sun rise. Hey reaching 14C -- Shorts today! A fantastic clear crisp blue sky day -- late fall. Going for a little longer ride, just getting out going East on old know routes combing a little different today on the go. Little pushing the pace solo out east all the way. But taking a few easy intervals and a few chances picture the beauty of the season.

Look at these trees in dark red!


Proceeding to Iron Pear Beach Park via "The Tanks" and following "EBs N route" for a while out East passing water ways and passing by vine yards. This so well know route looks so different in the after noon light! Nice!


Arriving at the Cutchogue Deli, taking a Coffee break. Meeting two other riders known from the Camp... how random -- or may be not?


On the way home now. A little quiet unexpected surprise, some serious flooding...


Some how time is flying and totally unexpected the sun is getting low quicker than thought -- well, DST is over and days getting shorter. Huddling up a bit... but not skipping the route in mind, this will just work out fine. And Py was back home exactly as the sun hit the horizon :-)

15 WP Pts.

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