Sunday, November 21, 2010

WLSCC DAY 2 -- much better

This morning Py car pooled with Karl to Eisenhower Park. Self sign-in. A little more time to warm up on the coarse today, good for 3 laps -- about in reverses, but a few modifications.
Still nothing really of a difference -- all flat and grassy. Good was the barrier was not hidden behind bushes at a 90 deg turn plus leading into one more 90 deg turn, so dis/remounts were much smoother this way. The few stairs/steps were still up-hill but were approached from the other side coming down. That's about all of the features worse talking about.

A chilly morning, but a really nice clear and sunny day!

Start at about 9:05 with a short prologue flying out on pavement for some good 100 yards before merging on the course in right direction. Py had a better start and felt so much better today and was able to put down power all the time making up some positions. A few back and forth changes in between. A few laps w/o chasing some one in sight after getting up... And yes, this time they got there 40 minutes or 5 laps (was it fife??). To the end one rider Py passed was hanging on again and looked like was going to take the sprint... well, he did but Py was at least able to not let him go but was about only a wheel behind his front wheel! Much more fun today.

Preliminary results in Masters 3/4 35+: 17th.

Big thanks to Myles to get this WLSCC kicked off at the new location! It's two fold -- closer to NYC -- great for the city riders -- but Py liked the Southampton setting much better, as it offered so much more variations of terrain and real trails -- what unfortunately was not available this year. A little dump, not sure if he got it right, but the Waffle guy he saw yesterday briefly in the morning was send away due to park contract issues o-( Py was looking forward to one, a nice "Belgium style Waffle!!!" and may be a coffee... today. Some one said there is as Hot-Dog guy (with contract) some where -- well, super, some where. Who wants a hot dog and what does it help if that dude is not any where near by if around at all? Sorry, but these are ridiculous regulations.

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