Sunday, November 07, 2010

Trevors #1 - flying w Jeff

Yikes. That was some work once in a while....

Winter time, or just back to standard time -- or what they say here, no day light saving time any more. One hour more in the morning, nice. But there is also those, as Py realized, who have to work and get an extra hour to cover with in that special day's shift, can only wish the same hour they get back on the other end later.

However, this first Sunday in November the Early Birds turn into Trevors. Winter season is on us since at least a week already. 6am the radio comes on -- good to know there is some extra time this morning. In particular as Py was working from home remotely on some LT STM, getting this darn tip stable behaving took again longer than anticipated, but around midnight it finally cooperated and he was able to pick a interesting area to start a looong map what will run until next day... and finally got to bed.

7:35am about ready to roll. Making his way to the Bagels and a Whole lot more in PJeff Station on 112. John driving by on Kind road saying hello... -- some questing about the temperature, little chilly but alright, only this wind, kind of nasty. He seamed to be very early and took the scenic drive. Getting to the meeting point around 8:10am. The early "B" group consisting for Phil, John, Kev, and at least 5 more was about ready to go -- or to be chased group, as they take off 15 minutes before on the same route. Py waiting for hopefully a few more of the "A" group to show up.


Just a small group finally, Trevor, Jeff, Rick, Mark, Ken (rider in black) and Py. Moving out 8:28am -- no more riders in sight. Moving out on a badly bumpy 112 a little further as there was some construction on the regular path out of town. Getting to speed and just warming up the engine a little bit. Rotating through the group about once until Jeff taking over and already starting to drop off Trever, Py and the rest - Py managed to get up to him to to ask to hold off a notch... Well, so far so good -- that about a steady 22mph ride -- moving with at least 25mph into this head/cross wind up and over some rolling terrain for some good time. Powering up N WR road... hanging on Jeffs wheel, one more behind Py and three more falling behind. Re-assembly wait up on top... we will have more re-assemblies along the way.


2nd on Sound Ave few miles after Boy scout hill. Reaching up to 32mph on Osborne... Rick cutting short one more rider missing??? 3rd re assembly at the light on 25. Again 3 and 3 behind gapped off on Mill. Py now getting 3rd wheel behind (the guy in black) -- much better than 2nd all the time. 4th wait up on North Street. Basically cos Jeff is responding to a call...


And going into aero formation again. On South St they caught up to Rick who cut off a bit. Py got a little struggling to hang on after the light stop at the Floyd going towards Yaphank and stayed with Trevor and Rick. Jeff and the guy in black in sight little ahead for a while. On Yaphank Middle Island road Jeff finally took off and the "B" group came into sight and they including the guy in black all merged together on E Bartlett Rd to finish the ride at a more moderate pace.

Py going East in North Country -- back home -- Yikes, that hurt a bit in a while.

Almost missed to say: 14 WP Pts -- I want one more for that -- would have gotten at least one more going with the B group...

And big thanks to Jeff for this super pull just at our limits... and wait ups :-)

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