Sunday, November 14, 2010

Staten Island CX 2010 (SICX)

Py went racing again -- Cyclocross season! Just a little bit and Py is having a lot of fun - racing and watching all day. A great day, almost summer feeling! Some Belgium stuff, waffels and more -- can it be any better?

A quick course review: Start on grass with a lot of U turns, the typical double barrier, a little speed sections before it went down to the beach. This was any where near ride-able -- about one bike length and all momentum was killed to zero speed and running was on the list, just followed up by a stair case to get up and off the beach again. Did Py old you, he hates sand.... and in particular in his shoes. Well no time to even think about hating it while racing. So far so good. Then a fast grassy/dirt section before hitting a rooty trail section along side a beautiful water view ending in a steep unrideable short down to the water U-turn and run it up again followed by a slight up hill trail part into the woods. Exiting the woods with an fast right turn onto grass again and repeat. In pictures this looks like:


Good to have more photographers around -- Py at the Masters 35+ 3/4.

But also Py took some pictures for all you cycling fans!

Click this to go to Py's Staten CX album:


Also good video footage -- just edited, watch it now:


  1. hey PY, i'm the promoter of the race- i'm glad you had fun! thanks for taking pictures and video!


  2. Hey CJ, glad you liked it. Even I missed to picture the finish sprint(s) if any... I tried to document the course and mix it up with some action of multiple races. Sorry, I am not yet good at knowing all the riders, so I can not say much about them. But feel free to comment and link to the video if you like.

    You may just point here:

    PS: 1st time for me at SICX -- I really loved this fun course with so many variations. Outstanding job!! Same as I liked the previous years Withmores (WLSCC) in Shouthampton what had a great deal of steep climbs and off-camber turns... I will miss these next Weekend at the new location I am afraid of.

  3. anyone has pictures from CAT4 race? would really appreciate some feed back! email me please at it was my first race ever and would like to see my self along this course :)