Saturday, November 20, 2010

WLSCC DAY 1 -- not Py's day

Not Py's day and not his thing today either. Yeah, and it does not helped Py being kind of slow and tiered from the start. This rabbit zig-zag on energy sucking grass all the time, no trail to enjoy and get a chance to recover, no climb at all, just a strong breeze -- wasn't his favorite either. He felt slowish all the time. Did not really got warm at all. Forgot to put the HR sensor on -- but sure that did not went any where up at any time either way. Yes, it was to short, he did not noticed any "official" bell for the last lap either. Forgot again to bring his cow bell (must be a bad omen??). Py did not even felt like taking pictures, all he got are a few seconds video of the womens field. He was super tiered driving home and took a long nap -- but still felt even more tiered. Note sure what was all wrong in particular -- may be he did still some work today (a little bit at times -- yes) or he is going to be sick soon....

Well, not that he is expecting any thing -- but will give it a shot again tomorrow.

Good cooking and a fine dinner finally tonight -- the best he can do. And yes, try to make it to bed in time -- will see -- at the time of writing, right now, some remote microscopy / science is happening under his fingers tips on the mouse at home.

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