Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 1: Rockstore - Yerba Buena - Decker

5 Long Islanders packed up their bikes for a flight over to the Pacific Coast, South California to ride the Santa Monika Mountains. All started with an pretty hefty surprise at JFK of a $150 luggage surcharge (ONE WAY!!!) -- instead of some $75 -- plus eventual (random) additional bag charges at AA -- hey, cyclists - boycott this ridiculous airline!!

However, everything got at least safely to the destination and the bikes assembled with no problems. Ready to go! (This was the afternoon before the first ride day)

The first day out of five days riding and climbing in the Santa Monika Mountains -- "Climbing Camp" by Cycling Escapes: Meeting at the Renaissance Hotel for a initial tour orientation by out guides Rich and Eric. And following tour start.


The route features three major climbs, starting with an moderate climb on Rockstore (what we will ride a couple more times the following days to get up into the mountains) finding the first SAG at Junction of Decker/Mulholland. Flying down to the PCH, proceeding west into a pretty strong head wind and climbing up the 8.4 mile long way on Yerba Buena up to the summit returning to the same SAG point. The climb on Yerba was long and moderate with 5-8%, but the rough road made it a little harder and even the upper part of the down hill on very rough road was a vibrating no fun until the surface finally turned into a newer smooth pavement. Arriving at the SAG for lunch. Quick and fast down hill to the PCH again and this time climbing up Decker, a 3.2 mile climb with a few good steeps up to 19% back to the SAG point again. Flying mostly down hill back "home"...

A great 1st day!

A few selected photos, click for more:


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