Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Early Birds North ride of the season! Speedy start.

1st really early rise on Sunday for Py to take his time to ride to Manorville to meet for the EBs ride. A cool freezing morning, but the sun just got up in time to ride there. Some frosty 26F in Manorville.


The usuals and a new young riders face, all in best order :-) Decent fast pace out of Manorville settling a bit, few attempts to keep the group mostly together, the usual play zones... etc.. However, turned out to be Trevor, Brian, Ryan (right??) and Py acting as the main rotating engine in front. Fun ride. Coffee stop :-) Finally a little warmer.


Good work up on 51 not letting off Brian wheel at any time... ;-) Flying from then on with usual fun fast rotation -- until a tire blew off at Ryan front wheel. Stop to fix that -- what let the dropped off field pass by... finishing together. Good work every one!

Py riding back home in recovery mode. He needed that last snack bar out of his pocket to make it ;-)

Golden Cheetah claims Py earned "267 Daniels Points" for that. [to be found out what that exactly means.]

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