Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5: Piuma - Tuna Canyon

Last day. Seamed to be a moderate ride, but wait... heading out South East on Mulholland again via the three Sisters, Cold Canyon, climbing Piuma with the Danbury rider(s), refill at SAG and proceeding via Saddel Peak to a pretty cool Tuna Canyon downhill at grades up -17%. PCH. Climbing Las Flores with 8-17% -- for sustained 12..14% for way too long... as Py had to stand up for miles... turning into Hume rd did not really released on the grade either. Then towards the summit a little release. And some one trough in CX part for fun -- the road was gone for a good 200 meters hike and climb. Py stayed again with the Alaskian girl for the whole loop. What a last day -- lunch at the summit before returning home with the soon arriving East Enders.


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