Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Birds South - hard at and over CP max for long...

EBs South today, it's a while since last South route ride, so this was a welcome change. Py started the morning with finding 10 minutes to the time to get out while checking tire pressure that the rear was a little soft. Hate hate hate... pulling out the tube finding a tiny tiny hissing puncture in the middle of a obvious thinner wall section of this darn tube. You never really know what these tubes are about -- only that this one was his only tube with a long 60mm valve beyond his spare he did not wanted to use now already. Putting a old style glue patch on in a hurry. Ready to go just in time. A little paranoid feeling about it all the 35 minutes it took him in a little hurry to Manorville -- it some what felt little softer arriving at the start. Unhappy with that, he pulled it out again and put in his new spare, good to have all the buddies at the start and finding a floor pump for convenience -- thanks Brian.

Did he mentioned it was again darn cold this morning?

The EECT/GAB team was well represented today with George, Owen, Mike and Py and several other EECTs like Trevor... also Brian from Carl Hart and Ryan were there again. Looks like it's going to be fun?

Rolling out steady and strong from the beginning. Not sure when, but pretty soon on his second short pull and fall back to the "end" of the pace line Py noticed the group got small -- no wonder, flying at some moving speeds around nearly 40km/h. Here the Dune road statistic to the point of "I can not hold the 325 Watts at the end any more... (orange marked section)" -- Argrrr. Until this point Py unfortunately sitting on Brians wheel at 2nd position catching way too much of this cross/front winds. However, many others peeled off way earlier from even behind -- now leaving just Brian, George and Ryan for the last mile and over the bridge. Falling back to Trevor who just shortly before must have fallen off. Taking the bridge together -- this bridge, is a hell of pain -- not that the climb would be any issue, nope -- but fully exposed to the elements high up in the sky with hauling full head wind -- even on the down hill side you have to put in some power to move...

Here the only photo Py took today after arriving at the meetup beyond the bridge. Ryan, our youngest bird today.


From then on still going strong all the time... Riding home at recovery level, stopping briefly to warm up a little at the Velocipede... was good chatting, but hurt getting moving again for a minute -- oh well.
More data -- a different view: The BLACK line is of today's EBs, the shorter higher power/intensity efforts are actually part of the accumulating statistic and originating in my RP2IPBP ride!

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