Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4: Mulholland Super Loop

Mulholland Super Loops day! One more great morning, just a slight chill -- just fine to start out again in short sleeves and get warm at Rockstore again :-) The Rockstore climb flew by in no time... refill at know SAG spot. Mulholland to PCH to Yerba Buena climb. Downhill on Cothrin/Pacific View (great!!) fast on Deer Creek down to PCH back to Mulholland -- climbing it this time. Lunch. Py was at this time a little concerned about his slightly sore knee -- but as there is no pain and it generally "tracks OK", he proceeds.
Flying down Decker (awesome descent!! Just a little speed control into the turns needed.) to PCH and climbing Yerba Buena to Cotharin -- what a great down hill again! At PCH again. Proceeding to Encinal Cyn Rd.... all the way to upper Mulholland and back again to the old SAG spot. Last loop down on Kanan DUme and up on Latigo Canyon Rd before returning hoem on Mulholland again.



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