Saturday, December 08, 2012

WLSCC Saturday

A rainy night, very wet and foggy for December warmish morning, heavily overcast and grey moist day. Early in the morning Py did not really had any excitements to drive out there to play on pretty much soaked grass lands. Almost let it go... but last minute decided to go, thanks for all your motivations my FB friends!
Getting there just in time to sign in and get one "(not really) warm up" lap in.

Start 8:30 + 10m in the Masters 35/45+. Some where at the tail of the all stretched out fairly small field.

The only feature -- the obligatory double barrier, else pretty much folded into itself zig-zag flat >>great plains<< partially winding on a gentle slope side. All on soaked grass beyond a may be 50m paved start/finish section.

Py was not really getting awake, needs sun to wake up, a tiny little waking up mid race... well, at least not lapped!

 Photo Credit: BobH

Photo Credit: ToneB

Good to see you all, no rain, just sitting in a wet cloud. Good Waffles&Dingens.

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