Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's a little looking like Christmas, well that was last week, but so what. With temperatures dropping over night, rain & slush turning into snow, Sunday morning was greeting was nearly 2 inches of snow in Rocky Point. A solid cold North wind but the sun is getting up! That's gonna be an epic day out there. Packing up gear and heading to Kings Park for round #2 of Psychic CX.

A little less snow out there, but still looking nice! Frosty. As Py arrived, later than last time, the coarse setup was still in progress, it seamed there was enough people out there working on it.

Riders warming up -- in one or the other way to do it. Setting up, preparing or just having fun. And some just checking out the coarse for warm up -- what Py opted for. Sign in this time inside the very nice and warm park information center. It's a great place and we all would love to keep it like this!


Over 60 racers and some really fast riders filled up the staging area! Best, greatest and biggest turnout ever for Psycho CX @ Kings Park he thinks, or at least as far as he can remember.

Then, race on! Py always wanted to race with Dan and others and get lapped... won't mind this. Awesome day for CX, sun, little snow, slightly frozen ground, little mud... and a whole lot of fun! Thanks to all for coming out and make this happen :-)

What a great way to finish the 2012 racing season!  

Here a little unusual (IR) view of the race setting at KP:

Race stats/Results  (from

Happy New Year 2013 to all my friends!

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