Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bear Mountain up and down and up again... Yes!!!!

Short term trip to Bear Mountain with GAB Karl. A 2 hour drive got Karl & Py to the foot of Bear Mountain. What a perfect day for a ride -- it's December! About 7C, calm, dry, sunny -- what else can you ask for? -- Yes -- a good Mountain -- here we come!

Having a few repeats in mind for today. A warm up climb to check it out -- perfect ride up! The gate was down but no reason no to keep going -- so a few other riders did. Also a few hikers around, but fairly quite out there and nearly zero traffic at the lower half, and beyond the gate the road was almost all ours :-) A just a slight chill at the upper part on the shady side, some icicles on the rock face next to the road -- cool looking! Great view from top.

Quick decent, not to bad at all -- they were almost overdressed. Quick stop at the car... and up again, well -- about to, as Karl managed to hit the only?? hole out there and needed a new tube.
Then 2nd climb at about full gas... hitting HR 182BPM at top, alright, mission accomplished. And back down... woooosh. And repeat #3... up on top again -- but wait... scouting out one more scenic view little around the corner? ... well 100m down on a bumpy road. Back up and then just down to the gate before back up and down the (last?) time. Little debating, so nice out here -- time for one final run before hitting the HWY. Quick stop at a Deli for a well earned sandwich.

Good day.


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