Saturday, December 01, 2012

RP2IPBP-JP 2-3-2-1 and more Edge 705 troubles

A little windy day, grey, moist cool feeling but dry road conditions. Just Don waiting at the start, leaving 9:02 -- two riders. Up on NWR one more rider joining -- Bryan. Alright, three good to go. Fighting a steady and creeping into the base layers cold head wind all the way out East. Looking forward to Duffys for a hot coffee!
From there a little less cold feeling and more easy going with a tail wind. Bryan stayed with us until 2nd part of Mill -- down to two. Dan heading home in Manorville -- one.


Stopping a moment in memories of Steven Kane.

Garmin behaving funky with Bat low and finally turning off after not even 3h -- was fully charged! Few attempts to turn back on -- logs a few more sections... Seams really dead :-(
Well about 100km total it should have be or it was.

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