Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bagel Ride!

Just another name for Trevors ride. Riding out to the start on moist roads in thickening fog, not super cold nor windy, just creepy moist&cool air of about 5.5C in the morning.

Then meeting up the A group at the tracks in PJStat. A few mins late the rolled up and Py hooked up -- a group of five riders now -- T,G,M,K,P. Little later one more +C to make a train of six. Some misshapen in the very back for still unclear reason some what it sounded like handle bar hooking up in a turn leading to some nasty scraping sound a few bike length behind Py!?!?!?

Well, both were able to continue riding -- C decided to make his way back home little later while T completed the ride.

Then five again continuing a decent pace, just interrupted by one flat fix stop later on.

Py decided to return to the Bagels place for a bagel with egg&turkey, many thanks to Trevor&wife for the invite :-) Good and recharged for the ride home now! Getting just a little nicer now, partially drying up road and few attempts of sun -- good way to start into the Sunday of the 1st Advent!

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