Tuesday, May 06, 2008

6'164km - Experiment got to its end

PyZahl is very happy with the result of his long term experiment which was running since September 1st of 2007, Tarmac odometer reading 16'722km, and can not really complain at all about the very first flat of his rear tire today, Tarmac odo 22'886km, on his way home from the Camp as a sharper edge or little piece of usual gravel -- no sight of glass or new cuts, just a tiny dull damage of the tube -- must have just hit the only small cut or damage of the tire seen here:

The tire got quite "flatenend" over the last 6164km, yes 6164km. The newly rounded and much thicker running surface is almost gone and the wear is about a good 1600km beyond the by now fully gone wear marks:

Here is the profile of the worn out tire:

And the new shiny tire in place looks like this:

All over, the Continental GP 4000 is an excellent long life and very robust and flat proof tire, PyZahl can not complain about any flat within the 6'164km he rode it and even the "final" flat he took as trigger to end his experiment would under normal circumstances (no damaged surface) most likely not have had a flattened it. He rode it all winter and kept the pressure at the recommended 7.6 bar (110 psi). However, as he did not want to play Roulette any longer with chances of sharp objects finding just the bad spot at the tires surface... a new tire is in place for the next 6kkm.... hope fully.

PS: For all non local readers, Long Island roads are general speaking quite bad, plenty of holes of all sizes, very rough road surface, sand and salt (this test was over the winter season) and all kind of debris to run over at times.

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