Sunday, May 25, 2008

Early Birds - Big Peleton - New Experience

Again, Early Birds. The night before Py was figuring out a way to mount his favorite pump on this bend top tube without interfering with the open cable, some spacer and little art with cut parts of old tubes did the job, to mount it rattle free and with out scratching the frame. The whole idea behind this was to leave this Camel bag home... and improve aerodynamics and comfort. Sunday morning Py got up early to get rolling towards Manorville at 6:40am.

As he got to the meeting place several riders were already there preparing, and more and more and more were showing up -- he did no head count, but more than double of usual, some where around 50 riders he estimated, must be the biggest and longest peleton he had ever see on this ride so far!

A few minutes late they rolled out of the parking area -- the big field took the whole lane for a while until a long pace line formed...

Here are some photos, click to see the album:

On the way two flat stops and a dropped computer were holding up a little, but still, moving fast in the big group felt quite effortless today. They were flying out Dune Rd, over the bridge, and did some record like home run which needed some more work:

Section one to the after the bridge reassembly: 38 km @ 35.6 km/h
Section two until the Seven-Eleven: 23 km @ 34.0 km/h (little chilling)
Section three home run: 22 km @ 39.2 km/h !!
Over all: 83 km @ 36.1 km/h

MB map and stats are coming later -- MB is not working right now -- sorry :-(

The new pump mount worked just fine as expected, still all in place. Photo taken after the ride at the obligatory Starbucks stop and small talk...

A quick movie of the head of Birds Peleton:

Statistics of my ride, including to and from sections:

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