Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last Minute RP 2 Harbor Hills Ride Improvisation

Py woke up little late, no RP2IPBP ride planned due to never-know last minute changing weather... However, the sun was coming out this morning, it warmed up quickly and the strong wind was drying all off nicely.

It just turned 9am as he noticed a message from M... not much thought with that nice day coming up and he got ready and on his bike and meet M at 10am on the way out West today.

Nothing in particular in mind, just riding all the Harbor Hills on the way West always close to the Sound and with several scenic overviews and a few stops at "Dead Ends" all the way to the water. Here at Mt.Sinai Harbor, end of Harbor Beach Road -- quite some activity was going on out here, some scuba diving and kayaking:

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What a nice day..., just a strong Wests wind -- quite a head wind going out here:



Backtracking the narrow land section was fast and proceeding further west. And on the other side looking back over -- we could have possible swim over in less time...

And a little further east beyond Port Jeff... A little Light House:

And the usual statistics, just a nice ride, easy going, some good (for the island) climbs. Only issue to complain about was all the debris getting airborne by cars and trucks and blown all over and at times into Py's eyes by the strong wind. And, well, almost normal, thousands of pot holes and terrible rough road......

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