Sunday, May 11, 2008

Early Birds North Flight

What a nice Mothers Sunday :-) Still, it was quite chilly early this morning, 8..9C at 6:30am as Py got out to ride to the start, it felt even colder and he was a bit shivering almost all the way out. A big group showed up... some were little longer fiddling around with there bikes and they got a little late start.

North Route Today, as South Route encountered some flooding of Dune Rd today.

It took them also a while to get to some speed and a longer slowdown coasting along in between to allow some one to catch up after some mechanical. But from that point on a good pace developed. And the big group was whoooshing along, it must look pretty, as it already was nice to see from some position in the middle -- a nice ordered single file pace line -- it was photo perfect looking, but no way to capture it while moving: Imagine about 12 riders in front, there silhouettes projected perfectly clear on the road to the left by the sun -- and about twelve more behind.

Nothing special otherwise. Here at the first reassembly stop after "The Tanks" run:

And later at Cutchogue again.

From here a close to hypersonic speed developed on the way back, they averaged little over 37.4 km/h or 23 mph.

Ride stats including Py's ride to the start and back home.

Group ride average today was 36km/h.


  1. Nice ride this morning, Percy.

  2. Glad you liked it. Was a good one :-)

    PS: Your cellphone shots are of amazing good quality! What is that gadget?

  3. Thanks, its a Sony K800.