Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bloomin' Metric 2008

This Sunday was a special one and the annual 2008 Bloomin' Metric ride in CT was on Py's list.

Early rise at 4:30... So he got ready to ride, everything was ready, just that stupid (nonessential) GPS toy Edge 305 did not cooperated and just did not turned on, dead, nothing. He was sure he charged it up while downloading the data from The Harbor Hill ride, even that just very partly used the battery. However, this thing sucks occasional -- he ripped off the now useless HR belt, but still took the Edge -- never know, can play with it on the ferry. So now no good time on the bike, just that little old style computer with some clock about 10mins behind the time as reference. Heading out at about 5:40 to pick up M on the way riding to the Ferry at Port Jeff. They took the most scenic route via NC, Shore Rd and Old Post, shooting down the last hill to the harbor and arrived early. Really nice out there this early, no cars at all :-) He managed to get his GPS going (by pressing random buttons together at a time...) by the time, but as it's battery status showed a very low level he turned it off again in the it may last for the ride in CT.

Here a few of us waiting for the ferry to arrive...

Out first stop, basically only to meet up w. C to continue on some nice rolling smooth and fast back roads. Py was having some fun....

Here was our first cookie & water stop, some nice huge soft oatmeal raisin cookies :-)

Proceeding a few more little climbs and fast downhills. Close to the last stop the GSP showed battery low....
And at out 2nd stop (actual the official start/stop). Here were some good sandwiches and more cookies waiting for us :-) Little looking around at some exhibitors... one especially nice bike was displayed, a new Cervelo w Red groupo.

Well, and here the GPS turnd itself off, as the battery was dead now. So just a partial map :-(

Here is what he got from it today -- his total for today was 150km:

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From there, they rode back the actual 1st leg of the Metric route, the sun started hiding and the temperature dripped a bit but it stayed still nice and dry. Little later they bared off to return to the ferry. They had to wait about 30mins for the 1:30 boat.

Back in Port Jeff a few scary little rain drops came down... but he had to ride back home and made it w/o getting really wet, as the road was just very little wet and still dry most the time.
Just back home a few more drops came dome... nice day.

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