Sunday, May 04, 2008

Heavy Morning Fog

This morning PyZahl got up at 5:30 and lurked out of the door, condensing water on the screen and all over, slight drizzel and drops out of the sky, all soaked wet and heavy fog sitting over the island. No no, he would be soaked wet and have bad vision as glasses will be covered with an dense 2D array of micro droplets in no time from outside...., so he decided not to ride to the start nor to drive there, as the forecast and radar was not so inviting for a ride, also it was pretty chilly., went back to bed :-) And it did not cleared or change a bit withing the next few hours... Oh well, Saturday was kind of rained out/foggy/miserable already -- that looks like a full recovery weekend by mother nature.

As time was approaching noon the situation improved, but he had some work related project in mind to finish and for this he needed to get to his office at the Camp as there at the GXSM HQ all the equipment to test and finish up the project he needed is located. But a little workout would be nice, the roads were still wet in his neighborhood so he drove to the Camp and his plan was to do the still outstanding run of last week... so he did, a 1st lap of the "10k Bluestone" route back into the woods of the Camp, easy with I and then he had the idea to find out how a 2nd lap at decent pace would work out, not to bad at all -- about 19k total and 1h22.

Good Sunday EBs alternative once in a while...

That done he finished up his little Sunday GXSM project and it just fit all together, to look after some lab stuff before he went out for dinner to JRs with friends -- good different Sunday.

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