Sunday, June 15, 2008

Early Birds North Flight in a Cloud of Humidity

Sunday, 6:30am, 72F/90%, no wind, grey sky, condensing water all over, partially wet roads -- Py stepped outside and rode to the usual EBs gathering at Manorville/KK. As he merged onto 25A he spotted a familiar looking rider and joined him on the way. Today the North Route was on schedule.

A nice group assembled and rode out north east at a nice warm up pace. Nothing exiting today, the usual sprint sections --- he learned that the lead EECT riders - they have power taps on their bikes, he was in between and in front of the pack moving for a little also, put in an average of 400 Watts along that "Tanks" section, with peak powers close to 1000 Watts, sounds scary but makes a lot of sense as he was pushing at his limit flying at over 55 km/h over that bumpy roller coaster like road --- and good moving, not as fast as last Sunday, but still close to 37 km/h average:

(36.1*34.91 + 35.7*13.75 + 37.4*23.93 + 36.7*15.48)/88.07 km/h = 36.50 km/h

Py started to collect Early Birds Photos now here:
Early Birds

Here are the usual ride stats including Py's to the start and home ride:

... and the map:

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