Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice Bike Boat Bike Loop and Lincoln Gap for Py

Just a quick update.

Nice scenic loop partly around Lake Champlain, took the ferry on the South side and returned via the bridge little more to the North. And added a bit crusing on the Champlain Bike route.

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Just back "home", Py could not held back to find out if the Lincoln Gap will be ridable for hom and added a short, but steep ride up to Lincoln Gap -- for the onces who have no clue what this is -- it is claimned to be the "steepest mile in America". All he had was has normal road bike and with a 12-27, no compact. It was hard, steep and at his very limits, but he did it, with two few seconds stops to take some extra breath... His computer showed grades of 16..20% all the time and peaks up to 25%.

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The downhill was of a different kind of scary challenge... he took it "save", not going over 40km/h.

Here is a good detailed ride description of a big gap ride variant making Py wanting to do it...

More later...

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