Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot LI - Beach&Laps - Short Sprint w TT Rider

Long Island just received it's first heat wave with a couple of hot and humid days, almost reaching the 100F mark on Tuesday. Py just recovered a bit of his "hot" weekend on Monday and started riding to the Camp on Tuesday, the hottest day so far. On his way home he took a refreshing cool down at the Beach of Wading River and as it was so nice warmed up already he put in a few relaxed laps of swimming before riding the last few miles home with still little wet pants, so he did today.

But as he approached the Duck Pond from North today, he saw a unknown rider passing by going west on NC, the same way he is going to take. Just curious, he got moving a bit faster and caught him at the top of the short climb out of Wading River, said hello and passed by... the other rider was on a Cervelo TT bike and seamed to wake up the same time hanging on soon as Py let off a bit, but putting in a little sprint up the second short climb -- this is a nice one, you can gain good momentum and just push up and over in big gears at good speed... He kept pulling at good speed down and though the nice gentle high speed left bend for a while, as the grade flattens out to horizontal before a slight constant uphill tappers speed a bit down and wind resistance takes over at higher speeds... still going over 24...25mph the TT rider took over the lead and did a good job pulling for a while until Rocky Point and they swapped position again.

He kept going some where west, as Py left towards home.

Maybe the TT rider reads this... if so, just say hello...

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