Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Gaps ride

Day One passed along and Py now is happy and fueled up again and as the house has WiFi now this blog can be updated again -- as yesterday

Today the group got up for breakfast around 6am, but it turned into a long almost brunch like session as it started raining -- watching the radar two heavy rain systems needed to pass before they decided to get out on the road.

At about 10:30 it cleared up and the sun came out. They went out for a 70 mile ride with two nice gaps.

Little refill after the first gap and downhill run:

The second gap turned out to be very nice and long, starting at about 170m they got up to 750m in one long climb with up to about 17..18% grade at max at thevery end, what was tough and just doable for Py with is 12-27 and regular crank. Also they got soem company by some local and some riders from Montreal.

A young girl rider did very well all the way up and stayed close to Py.

Here is the 2nd gap:

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The following downhill was fast.

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  1. Percy, looks like some great riding! Enjoy! Say hi to the gang for me.

  2. I will... it is great out here. Also the dirt roads up here are awesome for fast road biking and climbing! I like the gaps. Compact gearing recomended, but works just OK with out having a propper 12-27 -- I wish all had it... As you may read already in a newer blog entry, Py did the Lincoln Gap with his normal 12-27. Greets back...