Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Laps, Two Gaps

Last day in the Green Mountains, Py started out together with K&J on West Hill Rd towards Lincoln Rd, but they went for one and two laps around Warren and left Py going downhill on Lincoln Rd when Py turned right and very soon up hill to Lincoln Gap, here a view of the road as it just starts climbing.

A set of breath taking steep, very steep linked climbs with no resting -- you know you are on the steepest Mile of America (as claimed), when 16% grade feel like recovery, compared to 20..22% and 12% feel like flat. What followed were just 450m to 740m almost strait up. He did it again. NO COMPACT GEARS, ONLY 12-27.

The downhill is a little messy pavement first, but just a few steep sections followed by an awesome long good to go (on skinny 23x700 tires) dirt road.

Reaching Lincoln town, Py stoped at the Lincoln General Store for a good Green Mountain Coffee and a Dainish :-) He missed his cup of Coffee this morning.

Very delicious...

Proceeding further down hill following the part dirt and part paved road at the roaring river always to his left. Very Scenic.

At the end of Lincoln Road the little town Bristol is to his left on VT 17 over the bridge and to the right following VT 17 leads to the Appalachian Gap.

View from this bridge.

And proceeding to the 2nd Gap.

Very nice scenery on the gentle sloping up road, there is a high plateau like area...

a short downhill to kill 100m of elevation just gained and then a more steep winding, but wide and good road brings Py up to the Gap, here a view to the last and steepest section, see the ramp in the background?

But after having climbed Lincoln from East this feels just like a piece of cake...
Heavy loaded cloads were sitting on the mountain and more coming, Py better keeps going...

Thanks to a bunch of riders who came up from the other side to top of the Gap for taking this photo.

The Appalachian Gap downhill is easy and fast, but Py took it easy and safe, not exceeding speeds much over 60km/h.

Passing German Flats Rd, he decided to proceed all the way down to 100 and took a lunch break at the Warren General Store, see the oversized awesome tasting Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies in the tray?

A Turkey Sandwich, really good... a XXXXXL Cookie with Coffee. Very good.

After this good Lunch break he finished the Loop and went up the lower part of Lincoln Rd and returned via West Hill.

West Hill Rd, back up about 440m to 560m on dirt...

A great final ride for this week, once again, very lucky with teh weather, it started raining little later.

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