Sunday, March 07, 2010

GAB Team Training Ride #1

Exiting day for the GreenArmBandits Team today. Meeting (almost) all at Complete Rehab, Bellport to get the all new team kit and go for a kit test training ride :-)

First taking preliminary new team photo.


Then heading east on South Country... -- by the way, this road is since long in bad condition but now it's really bad, however, no flats.


Then north and some looping around, stopping at Carl Hart


and back in a little variant. Not yet really satisfied they went out again a while together with Karl on his way home and just looped "around" the LIE. Interesting ride variant today. Py figured (wrongly) a few minutes missing to 10 WPPts and decided with a few to check out the beach. A very nice day. However, but still 9 WPPts -- as his GPS was logging today total time.


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