Sunday, March 14, 2010

What is wrong with this day?

This day got totally screw up. Getting up at 7am DST (6am) in a foggy misty wet cloud looking for GAB ride updates, nothing -- OK, nasty outside either way, may be no go. Slept almost two more hours (and missed the last minute update coming just a bit later)... [... got a call/update, they are about to go now -- may join in 45min on the fly, hmm ...] quick breakfast, getting into the kit attempting to hook up with the ride near by, for a not yet known reason this did not worked out -- was the 5min before assumed time (10:25), waited little past 11:00. Got cold waiting. No lights mounted, did not felt safe to go solo and rode back home. Still and still right now foggy and dripping wet.

Made a second Cappuccino, still in this kit for a while -- never know.

No clue what happened since then. [Update: They struggled with flats and other mechanicals and were way way late...]

Well, seams like a good day to do some house keeping, things just piled up last weeks -- riding/working/riding/cooking/racing... Boxes sitting around, piles of papers and other wise looking a bit like a bike shop... what is right now hard to avoid w/o extra space for it. At least a bit better now.

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