Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plainville Crit #3 and Post Race Ride to Talcott Mountain in two attempts

This day turned into a kind of epic ride day. Starting with a very smooth ferry trip at 6am in the morning -- still dark that time. About 3/4 of the way Marco & Py were greeted by a magnificent sun rise still over the Sound, sure, that perfect moment, no camera in hand, left behind in the car. Here a view a few minutes later while waiting for landing on the car deck.


Well in time arriving and getting ready at Plainville. Py first time tested out his newly put together EC90SL wheels and the glued on tubulars -- felt great and very responsive!


And waiting for the start. WATCH THE RACE VIDEO HERE.


The race was pretty much steady and fast, possible the fastest Py ever did -- 25mph or 40km/h average. Nothing special, well, one (obviously not too bad) crash at the final sprint, on the video it looked like the guy slid out on a pot hole cover, but not sure. Py wasn't able to stay on the very front at the very last 1/2 lap, so what... came in some where last half or third, not sure. Just not his thing -- but had absolutely no trouble for further 40 miles and 2400ft of climbing -- read on.

Notice: Py captured 100% of the race with his camera in "rear view", footage looking fine -- needs some processing/editing as the raw thing is way to "huge" to share here. Hang in tight, come back soon...

GPS Race Stats.

Here are few views of the following race.


* * *

Post Race Ride -- in two attempts to the top of Talcott Mountain and finally finding the "tower house" (belongs to some former distillery owner as it got to Py's attention).

After talking to one of the riders at the parking lot, Py meet him already at the last wet race, they figured some out and back mostly on Rte 10 and Nod Road plus two attempts to get up to thsi so nice looking tower in top of that hill to their right.

1st attempt via 185 and a small road ended up in a dead end on a Heli pad -- well, proceeding only on a hiking trail -- no good, no good view from there.


Talking to some hikers they got a hint to try it from the other side via Montrevideo Rd. Riding back Nod road -- what is pretty nice and alongside a river at times. They finally found it:




A fast downhill from there. A few miles to the race parking, a stop for a Cappuccino :-)


Here the elevation profile in [meters]:

Post Race Ride GPS data.

End of a great day and driving strait on the ferry with zero waiting -- could hardly be any better :-)

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