Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prospect Park -- not my day

Some times you wonder, why are you doing this? To have fun? -- hmm, not really today. To get stronger? -- maybe. To get out with friends and do some thing not every one does? -- why not. To find out your limits? -- for sure at times like today.

The afternoon the day before: bike checkup, putting all items needed in place. Having early dinner, going to bed in time to get 6 hours of sleep. 3am -- the alarm clock takes his attention. Making Cappuccino, cooking an egg (and forgetting it in the microwave as he found later back home...), having a bowl of cereal. Driving to "112" to meet up with Craig at 4:15 for car pooling to the Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Arriving there with plenty of time. Still darn cold and pitch dark. Too early to get any bathroom business done today -- can't be any good, but so it is.

Waiting with the Green Arm Bandits for the start:


And off they go... here a few snap shots from the footage Py took.


Here is a nice shot from "Victor" of the Masters field -- two GABs on very left in the field of view (and Py be leaves to remember two more behind him and Tom):

Py thinks every one was wondering what this dumb car was doing here, good thing to blame for screwing up the field and may be Py's position as well.


More or less everything went like clock work, just running low on horse powers at some point...

Not Py's day, not the teams day either, did not really got awake, dark, cold, no sun, forgot to eat my breakfast egg (did not even thought about it until finding it still sitting there coming back home...), wrong food the day before?, potatoes/salmon (no magic pasta) -- may be, got dropped off not finding the right wheel to sit on at lap 5 as the masters field kept moving fast into the wind, but finished 10 laps, sitting a bit in the 3-4s -- what was kind of comfortable. What made Py not feel too bad today, "the big guys were in the field", he was not alone, several others even bailing very early.

Guess that's part of the game and a new lesson.

And finally:

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