Sunday, March 21, 2010

Py's first city race -- Prospect Park

This is going to be a tough day, getting up at 3am (this already is a bit too super early bird). Quick cereal breakfast & Cappuccino -- no way he could start a day with out it. Also an cooked egg, what to Py's dislike part exploded -- will this mean anything, better not think about it?

Meeting with others and driving to Prospect Park, about an hour drive. At least no significant traffic that early hour, but a lot of driving, not really a relaxed way of driving on this route -- in comparison to the easy and scenic cruise up to Plainville. Good thing, there is nice parking in the park. Still pitch dark. Getting ready, signing in, bathroom visit, talking to the team, little warm-up or course exploration attempt, waiting in line for the CAT5 group to start -- just getting little light, start at 6:40am.

Here is the map of the loop:

The raced started out counter clock wise hitting a gentle slope of about 3.2% for 600 m reaching the "top" of the lap at the North turn around. A little narrow section up there, but no big deal as Py always managed with ease to merge in with the front few riders of the line, from there a fast decent all the way to down flying around Prospect Park Lake -- a nice view. Little head wind around the turn. For the CAT5 field there were 7 laps of 5.44km each.

Pretty much the same every lap, two guys took of a bit, Py is not sure if they got caught again.

He felt pretty good -- even he was racing and riding with decent climbing the day before -- worked with the riders in front a bit and was happy been there -- staying out of trouble.

Well, been there in a good spot until the last 200m, some more stronger sprinters just passed by -- so what.

This done, he got his camera, just the baby one... and took a few pics for his buddies in the masters CAT 3/4, they had a few more laps to go.

Here is a few random shots, click to see more.



One the drive home a stop at a Diner with two of his team mates for a second breakfast and heading back home. Time for a nap (after all clean-ups and most important race follow ups were done) -- while some quick video editings were rendering/uploading.

Watch it here presented on the GreenArmBandits web site.

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