Saturday, March 06, 2010

Plainville Crit

Saturday about 3:30am the wake up radio turned on, a few more minutes to get up, have a quick breakfast (well, quick for Py) -- still not skipp'n Cappuccino, 'n egg and Muesli -- and get ready. The bike stuff he already packed and loaded the night before. Leaving at about few minutes past 5 to pick up George on the way at about 5:20 and heading to the 6am PJ Ferry boat to CT.

No big crowd on the boat this time. Having a second coffee and a comfortable sound crossing.

From Bridgeport a nice and actually quiet scenic drive beginning on Rte 8 up to Plainville, arriving at about 8:10. Registration went smooth, even there new guys were a bit slow figuring things out the first time. So what, no hurry and still good in time for the 9am race.

Getting dressed, pinning the ### on

A nice quite setting for the . Just about time to check out the portable bathroom and do two laps to get an idea of the very short 0.6mi loop.

The race started in time, a few words from the organizer how to do it and be save as possible. And the pretty well sized field of CAT 4&5 started out for the 1st lap out of 40. Not really much happened, a few break away attempts, Py was comfortable to hanging on easy all the time, staying mostly in the top 10..15, figured out how to move around an change positions and found himself most comfortable on the slightly more afford but safer appearing outer position left in/on the pack -- going clockwise.

A few fast laps, also he got in very front position a few times, but tried to stay around some riders from Kissena he some what felt most comfortable near by. Was also good talking to them later.

Counting laps....


He did not really realized all the details this first time doing a Crit and was not exactly sure when they would go for the final lap and sprint, what happened about 1 1/2 laps before finish and got a bit surprized by the all sudden moving ahead pack and ended up some where in the back of the field and all was over... well, most important for now, all safely done and finsihed and leaned how this works.

Next races were 3&4, then 4&5 over 39yo (Py would have liked do to add races to his list, but could not yet as not over 39yo), then the 2,3&4 and finally Cat 1, 2, 3 & 4 women.

Here are few select images of the later races. Click for more.


Laps Data.

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