Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bike to BBB and Bike Back

bBBBbb today.

"b": A slight morning chill in the clear crisp morning air promising a magnificent day -- 5:55 start at Rocky Point, checking a Tildas for any takers -- none. Taking off on 25A the fast way out east. Quiet and low traffic that time -- wish it would be always a like :-)

6:10 hooking up with Johnny in Wading River on the fly and good on time keeping easy 18..20mph out East.

6:38 approaching Pennys and catching up the Indian Island Park group easing up the pace a little...


... seconds later Py managed 1st time ever to drop his camera at some near 20mph while fiddling with it -- must have been the a little limited fine motoric of his fingers due to the chilly air taking the chill w/o arm warmers at barely 13C :-(
However, it only suffered a flying out battery what got a scratch and a dent in one corner of the stainless steel body o-[ Still works just normal so far :-)

BBB Sign in.


Hooking up with more at the 2nd parking -- this is going to be a fun group again :-)


Moving out right on time, nice field of riders -- some 20+!

Boat #1


Fun ride over Shelter Island.


Boat #2:


Stop out most South-East, great ride on the so nice and less used roads far out on the South Fork and moving out of the last water stop:


All over -- including the [slow!!] boats sections...

Navigated most the route via 2009 BBB GPS track [except a few minor changes] -- my invisible radar and way in advance turn prediction at high speeds -- but the road marking was alright as well ;-)

Great day, great ride good support and road marking this year :-)

Big thanks to all the SBRA >BBB crew< members running all the support and water/food stops. Well done!

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