Friday, June 24, 2011

Fri Night race alternative: Prison Loop -- canceled race

Getting to the Friday Night race, chatting with a few other early arrived riders, Rob, Myles, Sarah and few more.... -- some thing is not quite right -- 5:30 passed and no officials and no so many riders -- weird. Well, Myles found out the race got canceled for today due to weather. Hmm -- was not epecting this and not checking either, weather was not really bad at all. However -- once there and in this kit with the bike -- let's ride. Myles got the idea to ride the "historic" Prison Loop used for races (TT and RR at the games back in the years Py was not even riding or racing nor on LI). Sarah also joined and the tree took of for a ride on this loop. 1st out of the school and down the hill on 51, turn around and up all the way again, then keeping left all the time on 111, Halse Manor, Mill, 94, 51. Up the hill the 2nd time. Going for one more repeat of the hill. Thinking about a 4th time, but heading back as all sudden some thick fog moved in. Good ride race alternative:

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