Sunday, June 12, 2011

Houstonic Hills RR pre ride and training day

Sunday morning Py drove to Massapequa to car pool with Paul, Carol and Tori to Southbury Training School or the Housatonic Hills Road Race Course Start.

Here the 4 East End Riders ready to leave the parking area. From here about 3 miles to the official start where it begins right away with a serious climb. From then fast rolling winding roads -- very nice. Soon hitting the second 10..12% grade followed by a set of fast flying down hills, passing a little town or may be two before the grade picks up gently again and the slight keep right merging into a smaller road takes us to one of the key climbs -- it gradually picks up the grade, has a fake seaming end with a 90 deg turn and a few meters more climbing before reaching the summit with a great view -- last picture below. One more flying downhill ending at a T making a sharp left and beginning the final short climb at about 10% to the KOM / QOM. Py dislikes that, toooo short -- favors the big guys :-(


After lap one done they took a brief stop for a snack and proceeded for one more lap. Tori was lucky (or unlucky) to break a spoke nipple with one mile to go to the car -- but could roll back OK with a little wobble. After stowing everything away and getting out of the bike outfit they took some time for a deserved sandwich picnic. A great day and in particular the weather turned out to be ideal, not hot at all in the mid 60ties, overcast, no rain and dry roads -- as there was a quite some rain in the area at night and some chances of rain left according to the forecast.


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