Saturday, June 25, 2011

RP2IPBP - back to the old with new powers and riders

Skipped a couple of those rides in favor of racing. Not today, Py posted it beginning of the week and obviously a few riders figured it out and a few new faces as well, including a guest rider from Bethel Cycle. Interesting new mix -- going to be fun? It was a very humid and foggy morning with still partially wet roads and as usual a lot of sand washed all over...

11 Riders started today!
Moving out east with the usual warm up rollers -- good pace and looked like it worked out pretty good. Gregg and one other rider took a few shorts... to hook up at IPBP again -- good deal!

Returning from the beach stop...

Seamed on Mill a 2nd group formed just little behind today -- but all worked out just fine.

Quote of the day -- some one (who was it?) to Sahra "close the gap" as Tim went a little up ahead on this last roller on Mill -- S: "this is not a race...???". [Note: both are Triathletes]

-*- at least not USAC sanctioned -- may be a like? ...little race like training 4 sure at times. -*-

Ride average w/o parking lot rolling around was 21.4mph. Good job everyone today!

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