Sunday, June 26, 2011

Early Birds North - nice day, good ride, big group

Py did the Early Birds ride today -- a nice day after all that rain, just still little high humidity in the air. Getting up and out early, leaving 6:30am -- some fog is moving in and up and away shortly later.


No wind at all, moving at good pace, arriving early in Manorville -- a few riders were already there unloading bikes... The usual's, few new faces, Nick took a long drive out East to join us -- good seeing you!, the RP-cycle guys, 3 GABs Mike, Chris -- good to see you on the bike again! -- and Py and many more riders-- counted nearly 40 riders!


Rolling out at steady good pace -- easy sitting some where in the field, soon moving more up to a good spot to have more control to things. Nothing happening, just cruising along at some 40km/h.... Let's see how it develops at the tanks. Turning into Penny's -- little slow down by high traffic volume on Sound.


RP riders ahead for a while... Brian, Mike one more (??) and Py picking it up on the lil hill, Py up 1st at the tanks top then flying over the rollers and some speed and crancing it back up to Sound Ave. Thing developed in a small front group on Sound and the pace hit some 50km/h average until the parking lot reassembly -- great move. Then cruising out more East along side the wineries and flying South and around to Cutchogue Deli for Coffee :-)


Steady return and good work on 51 driving the pace in a quick fly around rotation...

Here is the ride:

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  1. Great ride with you today! Nice to visit the EB ride again.