Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Race #1

The Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race Series just started this Friday with a pretty good participation of racers.


Here a few riders at sign in. GABs Mike, Karl, Owen, Chris and Py started in the A field.

The race stared actually 6:30pm for 20 laps. The composition of the field with a good number of riders from several teams including Kissena, Setanta, CRCA, Axis, Wonder Wheels, Carl Hart, East End Womens, EECT, a few others and unassigned riders and us from EECT/Green Arm bandits represented tonight. The 1st lap was some slow go game... but from then the break away and chase and catch cat and mouse game started. A fairly early break developed around lap 2..3 and a few more riders managed to bridge up. GAB Chris also tried to take a chance to bridge up and about managed to hook up as a mechanical failure in the drive train took him down in a not so good crash and got away with a good dose of road rash... -- feel better Chris! The chase was a bit moderated by "us" having a rider up in front. However, still averaging mostly over 40km/h. Some where with 7..6 laps to go Jeff seamed to get bored with us and took of at with warp drive.... to catch up and I think finally win the game.

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