Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Camp authority dicates to be or not to be *** We Night Hill Ride

Starting early out this morning riding to the Camp, still just getting awake... a nice sunny but still little chilly morning around 7:30am. A more or less normal day at the Camp. However just at the time Py got ready to leave to catch up with the we nite hill ride team, closing his office door some sad news came to his attention. Once there was a happy and pretty nice to watch ongoing goose family, mom and dad goose, breeding and hatching there eggs at the upper north rim of the little pond just behind an nice protective little wall on a really good placed and undisturbed spot. For a reason Py does not really understand at all and he be leaves totally unnecessary the Camp authorities decided they had to go. No eggs, no nest, no goose any longer -- that sucks -- would it not have been a real pleasure to watch the little fluffy yellow goslings to hatch out of the eggs and wondering around with mom and dad?
How can some people just be so bad :-(

Just an empty and demolished nest left behind, as Py was just verifying on his way out, he had to speed up a bit to catch up with the We Nite Hill Ride group on the fly, and joined them en route... A good just before sun-set workout, he did some work, a few sprints, just right.

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