Saturday, November 01, 2008

CP laps

Saturday morning about 8:15, not yet sure what's up for the day, Py got up and checked mail and figured it was already 8:20... and his buddies wanted to ride CP at 9am.... welllllll, hurry up, quick Cappuccino, splashing some water in the face, grabbing all the stuff, dressing up and putting the big bike in the car, skippin breakfast, and taking a few Cliff bars and water... he drove to CP and arrived in time.

A very nice day was just starting out slightly chilly but good for short sleeves and pants to start out, great. They stared out at a good pace and kept going form half way at good, but little more moderate pace enjoying the ride.

One lap down, quick snack, they decided to go for one more, still getting nicer :-)

Two laps down, quick 2nd snack and one more, but just the dolly lap for cool down.

Three laps down. Nice ride guys....

Back home after some shopping, house work and other stuff... Py finally got his "breakfast" in just little delayed.

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